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A Farewell from Hexkraft and Welcome to Beyond Matter Studio

More than a year ago Hexkraft started it’s journey to build a truly immersive and productive VR living space for everyone to enjoy. We made great progress in building out a beautiful but also performant environment and as we implemented the first iteration of „Screenlets“ - our own version of free-floating windows screens  - it was a big step towards the grand vision we aimed to achieve. However, talking with fellow developers at the Oculus Connect last year made us realize that VR is still in a very early stage and although building the future of VR is extremely exciting, the road ahead is also littered with obstacles and problems that have not been properly solved.

 Now, after reaching the big milestone of releasing our first Alpha of Hexkraft Haus we got together to take resumé of the past year and future steps we would need to take to make our vision a tangible reality.

After many meetings and discussions within the team we came to the conclusion that with the current state of VR and technology itself it would not be possible at the moment to turn our product into the great and inspiring experience we envisioned it to be. VR still requires major technological leaps to achieve the visual and haptic quality we need to create the visionary productive and social environment of Hexkraft Haus.

We are however 100% sure that these advancement will be made by Oculus, HTC, Unreal and all the other pioneers of VR over the next few years and we cannot wait for that day to finally arrive.

 In the wake of this decision, Hexkraft will halt the development of Haus.

 With all the valuable experience we gained over the last year and our still unshaken enthusiasm for VR we decided to focus our energy towards a new project called Beyond Matter Studio.

Beyond Matter will offer high quality VR visualizations for unprecedented marketing and development options for businesses in the field of architecture, entertainment and industrial design. For those interested in a behind the scenes look of our work, stay tuned for more information about Beyond Matter at beyondmatterstudio.com

We are excited to dive into this new journey within VR and are happy to share the experience and insights we gain along the way.

 A happy 2017 to all of you!

 Kind regards,

Joshua & Alessandro

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Hexkraft Haus is a platform that allows all major 2D Windows programs to be used inside of an interactive VR environment.