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With the rise of virtual reality comes the need to offer a full transition of everyday digital life into the virtual world. Being able to use every two-dimensional software and application in this new reality without leaving it while harnessing the power of VR for an enhanced experience will be a huge factor in making VR the “final platform”. With Hexkraft Haus we are set to accomplish this transition and offer you a unique platform on it's own.

Ever since we first tried the Oculus DK2, we've been fascinated by the possibilities and wonders of virtual reality. Imagining endless space, exotic environments, full immersion and the benefits in productivity, creativity, connectivity and entertainment was mind-boggling.

We feel blessed to be living in such magical times and can't wait to share our vision with you.

Joshua Burkert, Alessandro Boldrin and Martin Zintl, Co-Founders Hexkraft GmbH

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Hexkraft GmbH

Maria-Theresia-Str. 6
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+49 160 9477 6258 

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