Experience Haus

The alpha release of Hexkraft Haus
is out now as a free download.

Introducing Hexkraft Haus

Hexkraft Haus is an interactive virtual environment for better productivity, creativity, entertainment and social interaction by harnessing the full power of virtual reality. It allows colleagues, friends, and family all over the world to meet, collaborate and hang out in a unique virtual place without the need to physically be at the same location. 
Hexkraft Haus will be meticulously designed, refined, and engineered to deliver a creative environment and an enhanced experience to enjoy everyday life VR.

  • Use all your 2D applications on a customizable desktop sphere

  • Be immersed in dynamic and rich environments

  • Invite friends to experience open air movie nights together

  • Host gaming sessions with friends from around the world inside your Haus

  • Personalize and decorate your Haus to your liking 

Dynamic weather effects
Ranging from clear sky and sunshine to intense storms.


The alpha release is the first peek into Haus and includes the interactive productivity aspect with multi window manager in VR. This early development build is available for you to download for free and will see improvements through regular updates.


Why release an alpha of Haus?
We wanted to share the experience with the community as soon as possible and include you into the development process early on.

Will the alpha release already include all of the features of Hexkraft Haus?
The alpha is still in a very early development state but already features a first iteration of the desktop shell, teleport mechanic, binaural audio and an immersive environment. Updates will include more features and various optimizations.

Can I use all of my Windows apps inside Hexkraft Haus Alpha?
For now, functionality of the alpha is very limited. We plan on having all major apps fully supported in the future.

Common issues include: 

  • Sometimes the app does not load into the HMD at startup. Simply restart Haus and it should work on the second try.

  • On some systems the textures do not immediately load at full resolution. Give it a minute and they should load correctly.

  • Currently, apps have to be open before starting Haus as we do not yet have an app launcher in VR.

  • For technical reasons, Chrome is not supported at this point.

  • Also, the keyboard is not functional in the demo and the mouse implementation is still very crude. 
    We realize this is a major drawback, but we are working on a proper UI inside of VR for an optimal user experience.

What computer hardware do I need to run the alpha of Haus?
We recommend the latest graphics cards.

Which VR headset do I need for the alpha?
The alpha currently runs the best on the HTC Vive with Vive controllers. As we currently do not have access to Oculus Touch, interaction with Rift is limited to using it with the Leap Motion controller.

Is Hexkraft Haus Alpha free of charge?
Yes, it is free for now but will change once the full version of Hexkraft Haus is released.

Can I invite friends into the Haus alpha release?
This feature is not implemented yet. We are working on adding social features in future updates.

How can I support the development of Haus?
We appreciate every feedback we receive. You can send us reports on bugs and general feedback at feedback@hexkraft.com or look at reddit for discussions about the alpha release of Hexkraft Haus.

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Supported HMDs

The alpha release supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets

For the HTC Vive with motion controllers or Leap Motion sensor

For Oculus Rift with Leap Motion sensor


 Controller Bindings

The current button layout depending on the use of the HTC Vive controllers or Leap Motion sensor